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True North Renewable Fuels

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True North Renewable Fuels Ltd.

True North Renewable Fuels Ltd.’s planned facility would produce renewable transportation fuel that creates up to 85% fewer emissions than petroleum-derived fuels.

Our Story

About Us

TRUE NORTH Renewable Fuels Ltd. (TNRF) is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our project is positioned to capitalize on an undersupplied and growing global market driven by renewable fuel standards in Canada, the US and worldwide.

Utilizing proven technology, TNRF’s planned facility would produce renewable transportation fuel using canola oil and animal fats from Western Canada as the primary feedstock. On a life cycle basis, this fuel emits 85% less greenhouse gases (GHG), helping Canada meet its Paris Agreement targets.


Management Team

Who We Are

Our seasoned management team has a proven track record in large scale global energy projects.

Douglas Cole


Doug Cole brings 37 years of domestic and international energy experience to True North. While serving as VP Engineering & Production for an international oil and gas exploration, development and production company, Doug held several key roles in joint venture and corporate restructuring. An entrepreneur, he co-founded Action Energy, where he established a track record of crystallizing shareholder value when the company was sold in 2001.

Brian Adolph


Brian Adolph has extensive international energy experience—more than 45 years—building complex projects cost effectively. He has held positions of Vice President and In-Country Manager for an international oil and gas exploration, development and production company, and was responsible for the Hazira Offshore Development Project—from FEED study to full operations.

What is renewable diesel?


Hydrogen Derived Renewable Diesel (HDRD)
  • Advanced biofuel — commands premium price
  • Uses canola oil and other triglycerides as feedstock
  • Hydrogenation process
  • Chemically identical to petroleum diesel (drop-in fuel), no need to blend
  • Excellent performance in all temperatures
  • Long shelf life

A Greener Future . . . NOW


The TNRF Facility will produce Hydrogen Derived Renewable Diesel (HDRD), renewable jet fuel and renewable naphtha. End users are found in the land transportation, aviation and maritime sectors.

Renewable Diesel Fuel


Renewable Diesel Fuel


Renewable Jet Fuel


Supporting Canadian Agriculture


Canada has an abundant supply of renewable feedstock, particularly canola oil, that can be processed into renewable fuels. 

Canola Seed




Used Cooking Fats




Global demand for sustainable alternative fuel vastly outstrips supply.  The Canadian economy is challenged with transitioning to a clean growth economy. Global initiatives to reduce carbon emissions are becoming crucial and urgent. The incentive to invest in renewable diesel fuels has never been better.

Here’s a few reasons why HDRD’s time has come.



Practical Made in Canada solution for meeting Paris Agreement targets.


Environmental Stewardship

Turns vegetable oils, animal fats or used cooking oils into HDRD with minimal sulphur and particulate emissions.


Reduce GHG Emissions

Reduce GHG by 1.5 Mt per year, or the equivalent of annual emissions of 325,000 passenger cars or 68,000 Canadians.


Meet Canadian Market Demand

Demand for Canadian canola production will be solidified to meet future markets for HDRD.


Reduce Renewable Diesel Imports

Reduce current reliance on Renewable Diesel imports.


Canada Clean Fuel Standard

Demand for renewable diesel fuel will be 3.6 billion litres per year by 2030.


California Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Reduce carbon intensity of transportation fuel by 20% by 2030.


Promote Canadian Economy

Support Canadian Canola industry by requiring up to 1 million tonnes of canola seed, or about 10% of Canadian exports.


Large Scale Project

Made in Canada

TNRF’s project will make 526 million litres of renewable diesel fuel and renewable naphtha per year. It will be constructed in Western Canada, and can use canola oil, animal fats, used cooking oil, or any vegetable oil as feedstock.


Prime Investment Opportunity

First-to-Market Advantage

“Undersupplied global growth market”

Capitalize on undersupplied, growing global market driven by renewable fuel standards.

“Significant scale and scope”

Capital costs of US$500 million. Exceptionally attractive return on investment.

“First-to-market in Canadian HDRD”

Proven technology used to produce 7.5 billion litres per year in various facilities worldwide.

“Seasoned management team”

Partner with successful management team, experienced with large scale projects.



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